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An Overview of Zoom Whitening

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What Is Zoom Whitening?

Many people have spent time wondering how they can improve the color of their teeth. They may try to conceal their smile during conversations and photographs because they think that people are staring at their teeth. For people wondering how they can effectively whiten their teeth, a treatment called Zoom Whitening could be an option.

Zoom Whitening is a treatment option that has had an impressive track record of success since its inception. During the treatment, patients will sit in a chair in their dentist’s office and the Zoom lamp provides an accelerated bleach treatment process. The procedure works by accelerating the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide on the teeth. When the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, the resulting oxygen infiltrates the enamel and the dentin within the tooth. This bleaches the stained substances on the teeth without altering the makeup or structure of the teeth themselves.

What Should Patients Expect?

Prior to the treatment day, patients should have a detailed discussion with their dentist about the treatment procedure and have any questions or concerns addressed prior to the day of the procedure. Patients should know that regular teeth cleaning is highly encouraged prior to the Zoom treatment itself.

On the day of the procedure, the dentist will first cover the patient’s lips and gums to ensure that only the teeth are exposed. Once the teeth are positioned, hydrogen peroxide will be placed over the teeth. This is a gel substance which the patient may think is a little cold. This contains the hydrogen peroxide that will be broken down by the light to provide the actual bleach treatment. The gel is left on for 15 minutes and the light is activated. Patients can relax during this time and could decide to listen to music or watch TV. This cycle of gel and light treatment will be repeated three times prior to completion.

After the last cycle, the dentist will apply a fluoride gel to the teeth to help reduce the sensitivity that some patients feel after the bleach treatment. The procedure itself typically will take less than an hour.

What Are The Goals of This Procedure?

The overall goal of this procedure is to help patients relieve the stains that have coated their teeth. Not only will patients receive a whiter smile but the goal is also to help patients maintain their white smile. Hopefully, this procedure will also restore happiness and self-confidence to patients who have been struggling with their smile.

More Than Just A Dental Clinic

At Comprehensive Dentistry located in Ypsilanti, MI, we do more than simply take care of patients’ teeth. Led by Dr. Colleen Bullard, we have been placing the needs of our patients ahead of our own since day one. Dr. Bullard is a Ypsilanti dentist with a tremendous amount of experience regarding teeth whitening procedures. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.