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About Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive Dentistry has been providing families with high-quality dental services and improved oral health since 2006.

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A team committed to serving you

Pairing State-of-The-Art Treatment With Timeless Service

Whether you have stepped through the doors of a dentist’s office every six months since you got your first tooth or you do everything in your power to avoid it, you have a home at Comprehensive Dentistry.

Since 2006, we have focused our resources and effort on providing a patient experience that is second-to-none. Our dentistry practice is built on a foundation of core values such as fun, ethics, service, stewardship, and gratitude. Above all, we want to give our patients a reason to smile every time they visit.

Your Comfort Makes All The Difference

As our name states, we offer comprehensive dental services. We offer a one-stop source for a wide variety of dental needs, from whitening and straightening, to implants.

We also prioritize the comfort of our patients. It’s a tragedy that there are people afraid to go to the dentist due to the pain and anguish they have experienced in the past. We offer a comfort menu of items such as pillows, blankets, headphones, massage chairs, and beverages to make the patient experience as enjoyable as possible.

A Dentistry That Goes Above and Beyond

Why We’re Different

Close your eyes and visualize a typical dentist’s office. What do you see?

Chances are you pictured a cold, sterile environment devoid of comfort. Perhaps there were patients seated in the waiting room, nervously passing the time before a stress-inducing appointment they have dreaded all week.

This is the total opposite of what you will see when you step foot into Comprehensive Dentistry. At our office, the first thing patients see is one of our friendly team members. The warm welcome you will receive in our reception area sets the tone for a comfortable, stress-free and rewarding dental experience.

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Our Goal: To Make Your Dental Care As Enjoyable As Possible

We understand that no one will ever mistake a pleasure cruise for a dentist appointment; but we strongly believe that dental appointments are not something that should tie your stomach in knots. We are up front with our patients about the treatments they need, fully explaining their purpose and why they are beneficial to long-term oral health. This helps our patients feel comfortable about their treatment.

Speaking of comfort, we go above-and-beyond to make each appointment a relaxing and comfortable experience. We offer an expansive Comfort Menu, which includes:

  • Beverages: Coffee, tea, and water
  • Massage chair
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • ChapStick
  • Blanket and pillow

Offering Our Patients The Best Possible Service

Awards & Recognition

americas best dentists 2019 winner

America’s Best Dentist 2019

“The National Consumer Advisory Board is a private research organization dedicated to providing consumers information about the finest professionals across the nation. We accept no fees, sponsorships donations or advertising to be selected as one of “America’s Best Dentists”. Selections are done based on a proprietary assessment of a dentists experience, training, continuing education and commitment to excellence to ensure the most impartial unbiased review of all applicants.” -TodaysBestDentists.com

nextdoor neighborhood favorite 2019 winner

Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite 2019 Winner

“Nextdoor allows neighbors to easily create private online communities for their neighborhood to facilitate communication among neighbors and build stronger neighborhoods.

Nextdoor was created based on the idea that the neighborhood is one of the most important and useful communities in a person’s life. Nextdoor’s purpose is to empower neighbors everywhere to build stronger local communities. Nextdoor’s mission is to be the essential local platform for neighbors to build connections, stay informed, and help each other in their everyday lives.” -NextDoor.com

Experience the Comprehensive Dentistry Difference

Past clients have remarked that they have never felt so welcomed at a dentist office. Contact us to schedule an appointment and experience this for yourself. We look forward to taking care of you.

We are committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time you visit our practice.