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Comprehensive Dentistry has been providing families with high-quality dental services and improved oral health since 2006.

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Affordable Dentures and Implants in Ypsilanti, MI

Dentistry is all about smiles, and having a confident, healthy, beautiful smile is important—whether you are showing off your natural teeth, partial dentures, full dentures, or dental implants.

Our practice provides personalized restorative dentistry services that meet the needs and comfort levels of our patients, including dental implants, dental bridges, partial dentures, full dentures, and much more.

Each patient that walks through our door is unique, and our dentists approach dental care with an individualistic mindset that allows us to provide the very best customized dental services in the area.

If you’re primarily interested in dentures as part of a treatment plan for your oral health care, we can provide a free consultation to evaluate your dental needs and overall health before developing a total treatment plan. Additionally, we can consult with you on your dental insurance to make sure you know what to expect regarding cost.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are natural-looking replacement teeth that are removable. While they can be worn every day and are made to have a secure fit, they are not a permanent solution as they can be taken out and are not fixed—unlike a dental implant or bridge.

There are two types of dentures:

The Process of Getting Dentures

If you are interested in improving the appearance of your smile and your oral health by getting dentures, you can expect to visit our office several times, typically over the course of several weeks. Fortunately, we make the experience as pleasant as possible from your first visit to your last.

During the course of our service to you, we’ll take detailed impressions (molds) and measurements in order to create a denture that fits you perfectly. We’ll make adjustments and experiment with placement as needed until we have the exact color, shape, and fit for your unique mouth.

You may experience an increase in saliva flow, a little soreness, and an adjustment period as you learn to eat and speak with your dentures in. However, as you become accustomed to everything, it will all get easier!

Dental Care After Receiving Dentures

Dentures, just like natural teeth, require daily maintenance to stay clean and keep bacteria from growing inside of your mouth. Keep your dentures clean and your smile healthy by following these guidelines:

If your dentures become damaged, please contact us as soon as possible. Broken dentures that don’t fit properly can cause irritation to your gums and mouth.

Also, remember to continue scheduling regular dental checkups every six months to make sure your smile stays healthy for many years to come.

Why Dentures May Be Right for You

Dentures are an effective and affordable way of replacing missing teeth. Composed of a durable plastic resin (sometimes porcelain), both partial and full dentures can be fabricated to look and feel natural. Today’s dentures are custom-fit, making it possible to eat once-troublesome foods with confidence and speak clearly.

That being said, dentures are not for everyone. If you’re interested in learning more about dentures and want to know if they are the right choice for you, please call our office and schedule an appointment to be evaluated by a dentist. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have, and can determine the best course of treatment for your ongoing dental care.

No Matter Your Dental Care Needs, Our Dentists Can Help!

From children to adults, all the way up to seniors, our office is ready to treat your whole family—whether you’re new patients or existing patients. We encourage you to contact our team for education on each of the services we offer, including X-rays, teeth whitening, dental implants, and much more.

Our office is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, which means it’s convenient to all surrounding areas, including Ann Arbor. We’ll never charge you any hidden fees or leave you wondering about your treatment; from basic flossing to more serious issues like bone loss, we’re dedicated to relieving your fears about discomfort in the dentist chair—once and for all!

Ready to improve your life with a healthier, more attractive (and affordable) smile? Make an appointment with us today and start enjoying your new teeth as soon as possible!