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How Smiling Impacts Your Health

Small smiling girl

Want to live longer? Simply smile more. Or so says a recent study from Long University College that proved those who smile more live 35% longer than those who do not smile and often or as long. It takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown and exercising those muscles can play a big role in living a happier life.

But smiling does even more than helping you live longer. In fact, it’s been proven to also boost your immune system by helping your body relax, decreasing stress, and increasing the number of white blood cells in your body.

And while you’re smiling you can also rest proudly in the fact that smiling increases your confidence and ultimately attracts more people to you. Several studies show that people who smile more often are perceived as more likable and more approachable.

Here Are A Few More Things That Smiling Can Do:

Relieve stress by causing a chemical reaction in your brain that leads to the release of more happy hormones.
Encourage other people to smile because smiles truly are contagious. You never know whose day you might turn around when you smile.
Reduce pain. Remember those feel-good hormones and endorphins we talked about? Well, they also play a big part in reducing pain. So the next time you have to get a tooth pulled, just smile on through it.
Smiling is easy when you’re confident in your appearances, but what do people who don’t like their teeth do? One of the best options is to look into teeth whitening. Too much coffee or red wine can stain your teeth, but teeth whitening can restore your smile and bring back your confidence in the process.

Another option, orthodontics. This is commonly used for those who might have crowded or crooked teeth. From braces to headgear, the right kind of orthodontic treatment is determined by the doctor, but whatever is selected it can be guaranteed to improve your quality of life.

If you’re ready to start enjoying life and smiling more, contact Dr. Bullard. She can help determine the best treatment for your need and get you smiling more, so you can live the long life you want.