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Foods Good for Teeth and Gums

foods good for teeth and gums

The foods and beverages we consume on a daily basis have a significant impact on our physical and dental health. Our teeth and gums are very sensitive to what we put into our bodies, and it’s essential to know how these foods affect our teeth. Here’s our guide to foods that are beneficial for your teeth and gums!

General Foods Good for Teeth and Gums

In general, the best foods for your teeth will be natural foods. Foods with low sugar or no sweeteners and unprocessed foods have the lowest risk of causing damage to your teeth. Look for fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, or dairy products. A great tip is to shop around the perimeter of your grocery store. These foods tend to be natural, fresher foods and will be much better for your teeth than sugary snacks. Choosing foods that are good for your teeth will lead to stronger enamel, healthier gums, and fewer health complications.

Specific Foods to Look For

We understand that making a change to your diet can be intimidating. So, we’ve gathered a list of some of our go-to food items! Here are a few of our favorite teeth and gum-friendly foods.

Beverages for Healthy Teeth

In addition to exercising caution with the foods we eat, it’s important to consider the beverages we consume as well.

Have Questions About Your Teeth and Gums?

If you still have questions about which foods benefit your dental health, feel free to bring them up during your next appointment! We would love to discuss healthy eating habits and ways to improve your dental health. You can also contact us with any other questions or concerns.