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Receiving Regular Dental Care is Important

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Recent media cycles have brought to light many issues concerning regular dental care. People are taught from an early age that a visit to the dentist every six months is simply a part of routine medical care. Unfortunately, many people have begun to question the necessity of visiting a dentist for regular cleanings. Many people do not receive dental insurance through work and cannot afford the cost of maintaining health insurance or the price of cash visits to the dentist. Other people have logistical problems finding a dentist with availability. Others are simply uncomfortable with the mild discomfort that comes with every deep cleaning. While there are numerous reasons people may not want to visit the dentist, there are even more reasons to prioritize having a regular visit to the dentist’s office.

Maintain Good Dental Hygiene

Everyone has had the experience of sitting in the dental chair and being chewed out for failing to maintain a proper brushing or flossing routine. Dentists can easily tell if someone has been brushing or flossing regularly based on the buildup, or lack thereof, of plaque and tartar. Dentists will work to reinforce the importance of brushing and flossing regularly for people who struggle and these visits provide an important captive audience for preventative healthcare. Dentists will also impress upon individuals who smoke or chew tobacco that they shouldn’t do these things. Dentists are trained to identify signs of tobacco and smoke in the mouths of their patients. It is vital that people who engage in these habits visit the dentist to discuss why they should break these poor habits and learn about the impacts these habits have on their teeth.

Catch Problems With X-Rays

Dentists will take X-rays to get a look at what is happening to the teeth under the surface of the enamel and gum tissue. This provides an opportunity for dentists to catch problems that might be happening with the root before serious symptoms start to creep up. Unless people visit the dentist regularly, they aren’t going to have the necessary films taken of their teeth and serious underlying problems might be missed. Examples include teeth that overlap, problems caused by wisdom teeth, or damage to the underlying jawbone. People should visit the dentist to take regular images of their teeth.

Prevent Diseases From Surfacing

Finally, many people don’t realize that dentists are also trained to check the head and neck area for other signs of disease. Underneath the jaw, there are numerous lymph nodes that help to filter out many of the bacteria that the body’s immune system kills. Unfortunately, these are also locations for diseases to develop. If a dentist notices these diseases, they can refer patients to the proper medical care immediately.

Anyone looking for an Ypsilanti Dentist should contact Dr. Colleen Bullard at Comprehensive Dentistry in Ypsilanti, MI. Dr. Bullard in a specialist in dental health who understands the importance of regular dental care and can catch serious problems in their early stages. Call today for an appointment.