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A female places a transparent mouth guard over her top teeth

Invisalign Basics

According to the manufacturer, Invisalign is the “most advanced clear aligner” on the market. Clear aligners are smooth and comfortable. Since they are conveniently removed for eating and cleaning, teeth stay healthier through treatment. Set-up a consultation with Dr. Colleen Bullard in Ypsilanti, MI.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Invisalign’s technology combines x-rays, impressions, and pictures to create a 3-D image. Dentists use the digital model of their patient’s mouth to determine length of treatment needed. The 3-D image allows trays to be crafted which gently move teeth towards their final position. Trays are changed about every two weeks throughout the course of treatment. BPA free plastic is used to create smooth, virtually invisible trays that are way more comfortable than traditional braces.

Traditional braces make cleaning teeth difficult. In fact, staining is a common occurrence during treatment with braces. Invisalign’s cutting edge approach makes oral hygiene so much easier. Simply remove the tray to eat and to clean teeth. Brush and floss as usual and gently brush tray inside and out. Be sure the aligner is worn at least 20 hours per day for optimum benefits. Treatment times range from six months to one year depending on patient need.

If patients are looking for a less invasive method to straighten their smiles, Invisalign is a good option. Comfortable, nearly invisible treatment is not only available for mild cases, but can also be used in cases where more severe dental correction is needed. Advancements in technology paint such a clear picture of treatment that Dr. Bullard and her team at Comprehensive Dentistry are able to show patients exact positioning of teeth during each phase of treatment.

Dr. Bullard is the Ypsilanti Dentist to see when it is time for teeth to be gently aligned without the world knowing about it. Not everyone wants their braces to be seen. Invisalign offers a convenient choice that often goes unnoticed, and this is a case, not being noticed is good.

Treatment Following Invisalign

Once the time frame is up and all of the trays have been used, teeth are in their finished position. What’s next? It just so happens there is a retainer out there that uses Invisalign technology to hold teeth in position. Vivera retainers will lock teeth in place for a picture perfect smile that will last for years. After Invisalign treatment is complete, keep brushing and flossing diligently. Continue to schedule regular check-ups with Comprehensive Dentistry to ensure teeth are staying in position. Enjoy confident smiles with Invisalign!