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Holiday Dental Defense: Protecting Your Teeth Through The Feast

Cartoon of three smiling teeth donned in Santa cap and reindeer antlers

The holidays are coming and with them a veritable parade of delicious treats that we crave the year round. Unfortunately, during this time of year, our teeth are under a particularly heavy assault from sweets and savories alike. Thankfully, if we take a little care, we’ll be able to experience a happy holiday free from dental concerns. Just follow the following bits of advice and you’ll be able to enjoy your holidays, worry-free!

Monitor Your Treat Intake

We know that the holidays are a great time to enjoy all of your favorite things, but when you’re doing so take a little consideration for your teeth. If you’re not watching your waste-line, make sure you take along a toothbrush and a small bottle of mouthwash with you as you visit friends and family. An additional mid-day brushing can really help cut down on the damage your teeth take during this time.

It’s Quick, It’s Easy, It’s Bad For Your Teeth

We know, it’s so much easier than looking for a pair of scissors, but using your teeth to open containers is really a bad idea. Doing so can lead to accidentally cracking or chipping your teeth. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the plastic wrapping around that present you’re eager to get into, or the bottle cap on top of your favorite beverage, don’t use your teeth to get into them. It’s worth taking a moment to get a pair of scissors or a bottle opener.

Schedule A Dental Visit During The Holidays

You see them so often, they’re practically part of the family anyway, right? Make an appointment during the holidays to get your teeth cleaned and checked up on, and of course, there’s always that complimentary tooth-brush they give you! This time of year is a great time for a check-up to make sure you’re aware of any conditions with your teeth, and knowing just how much you should actually indulge.

Be Even More Vigilant With Your Oral Hygiene

While you should be keeping your oral care up throughout the year with proper brushing, flossing, and mouthwash use, during the holidays it’s even more important that you do so. The increased amount of sugars and acidic treats mean your teeth are going to be under constant assault, so making sure you brush and floss your teeth two or three times a day is vital. Three brushings a day, morning, noon, and night will make sure your teeth are properly protected throughout the day.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, with friends and families coming together. We want to make sure you enjoy it to its fullest, and tooth pain is no way to spend your holiday feasting. So this season, take the time to brush your teeth a little extra, consider what you eat a little more, and use the proper utensils to open your packages from friends and family. Your teeth will thank you for it.