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Healthy Teeth Through The Holidays

A woman shows off her holiday smile as snow falls around her

It’s the holiday season, and we know you’re excited about it! All those delicious foods and treats, not to mention time with the family and the wonderful joys of the season. With all these wonderful, and often highly sugary, foods available at this time of year it can be a challenge to maintain that bright and shining smile throughout. Not to worry! We’re going to provide you with some vital techniques for getting you through this season with your beautiful smile intact.

Drink Often, Drink Much, Drink Always

Water that is! Water goes a long way to aiding in the production of saliva and dealing with a number of bacteria and food debris that remains in your mouth. Additionally, water neutralizes corrosive acids that form from the bacteria in your mouth, restoring your bodies natural pH balance. Take it an extra step and rinse your mouth with water as well, especially if you’ve just eaten something particularly sugar or acidic. A simple 15-20 second rinse is all it takes, followed by a (hopefully discrete) spit.

Hit The Vegetable Tray With Wild Abandon

Every holiday party has one, that often neglected tray of fruits and vegetables that come with a delicious ranch dip. Vegetables are great for teeth for a number of reasons, especially raw vegetables. We could start by mentioning the minerals and vitamins that you get by consuming raw vegetables, but it doesn’t stop there. Vegetables are particularly filling and can serve to discourage you from snacking excessively, and enamel loves the Vitamin A in carrots and broccoli.

While You Should Drink Often, It Matters What You Drink

We just want to revisit this because of how important it is. Water is your best friend during the holidays, unfortunately, the majority of holiday gathers tend to skimp on supplying cold refreshing water. Instead, you are faced with a sugary array of punches and sodas, and then there’s the coffee, wine, and cocktails that aren’t going to do your teeth any favors. If you choose to indulge in these drinks, think about employing a straw to get those liquids straight past your teeth, saving them from the sugary assault.

Meet With Your Dentist During The Holidays

If there’s a more important time of year to meet with your dentist, we aren’t sure what it is. During this time of year, your teeth are often under a constant assault from the dangers we mentioned above. They can let you know if you need to take extra care with your teeth, and take care of any forming issues if they identify them.

On a more ‘carrot than stick’ angle of approach, if you see your dentist before the holiday festivities can begin they can deal with any cavities that may be forming. Since consuming sugary foods is often painful for those with cavities, this means they can help you enjoy a pain-free holiday snacking experience by eliminating tooth sensitivity before you dig into the holiday delights. Contact us for an appointment today to prepare for the impending season!