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Do You Have Sinus Pressure or a Toothache?

Girl in coat and red ski cap has headache in snowy outdoors

The human body is a nothing but a complicated biological machine. Over the millions of years of our evolutionary development, we have become one of the most complex and efficient of animals, and this biological wonderland can act in mysterious ways. Proper knowledge of these interconnected links, help doctors, and medical practitioners cure us of our health woes and thankfully the medical science of today knows the difference between issues such as sinus and toothache.

You read that right. Sinus pressure while related exclusively to sinus area can feel exactly like a pain in the teeth. In fact, the pain in the upper rear teeth is a common symptom that you may have a sinus infection.

Sinus infections can cause a severe sharp pain in the upper line of teeth and can be quite confusing for patients to relate it to a sinus infection. The best course, of course, is to consult an experienced medical practitioner. If the dental expert after proper checks up, rules out the possibility of a dental health issue, it is likely that the trouble is with the sinuses.

If other than a toothache, you face any other symptoms than just a pain in the teeth, it may be easier to know that you are indeed looking a sinus infection and not a dental issue. Generally, sinus infection causes nasal discharge and congestion of the nose, so if these symptoms come with your toothache, consulting an ENT specialist may be your first choice. Other this facial pain, like inconvenience while opening your mouth, and blinking, etc., may also be indicators of a sinus infection and not a dental problem.

A sinus infection causes your nasal cavity to get inflated, swollen and therefore painful. Rhinosinusitis or sinusitis as is medically known is a common medical condition and in most cases does not get severe and may be quite easily curable. There is a chronic type of sinus too; medical science is working on a cure for that.

The acute sinusitis is much more common and is not permanent. It is just a part of a cold. There are several sinuses around our eyes and on either side of the nose. A sinus infection may even cause pain in the forehead. Sinuses, due the swelling and inflammation, ache dully with the resultant pressure and make all activities in daily life extremely irritating.

Another symptom is an irritation of the throat and dull coughing. As the infected nasal discharge drains down from your sinuses to the back of your throat, and the skin inside the throat also reacts violently. This may result in a persistent cough and couple with the pain in the face, can become extremely annoying. Especially when you are trying to sleep and lie down the flow of the nasal discharge is aggravated, and the coughing persists.

Consulting the right kind of specialist at the right time can help you find the best solution on time before your condition gets worse. Sinus, in any case, is an annoying but thankfully simple medical problem, and in most cases is cured quickly without any lasting impacts on the body.