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Dr. Ashlynn Loenser

Meet Dr. Ashlynn Loenser

Dr. Loenser’s path to dentistry started in the small town of Niles in southwest Michigan taking her to the hustle and bustle of Ann Arbor. It’s where family still anchors her, and where the spirit of community shaped who she is today. Being a dentist wasn’t just a career choice for her; it was a childhood calling. Some kids played doctor with their siblings, but Dr. Loenser played dentist. Even at an early age she had a love for healthy teeth.

Attending Grand Valley State University fueled her passion for medicine, leading to a cum laude degree in biomedical sciences. This was followed by dental school at University of Detroit Mercy, graduating at the top of her class, which brought her to the big city where she fell in love with the culture and the opportunity to change lives through smiles. Now, as a practicing dentist and as a member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners, she gets to create those happy smiles in ways she never imagined.

But life isn’t all drills and crowns. When she’s not crafting perfect smiles, you may find her on an adventure with her furry best friend, Wallace, a three-year-old German Shepherd who keeps her active (sometimes too active!). She also loves exploring new places, staying fit, getting her hands dirty in the garden, and turning random objects into masterpieces.

The best part of my day is seeing the transformation for my patients. One appointment, one procedure, and suddenly, joy replaces years of self-consciousness. Hearing a grateful “thank you” is all the confirmation I need. I was born to be in this chair, hands crafting confidence and well-being, one tooth at a time.

So, if you’re seeking a dentist with hometown warmth and cutting-edge expertise, or a smile-obsessed pup enthusiast, I’m thrilled to welcome you. Come on in, let’s work together to make your smile shine brighter than ever! (P.S. Go Lakers!)