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What are the Causes of Tooth Pain?

Person holding her jaw

We hope that our teeth can deal with the everyday stresses of chewing and life in general, but sometimes they hurt. Toothaches can cause a lot of pain, and getting to the root of the pain can be difficult.

There are so many things that can cause tooth pain. Sometimes the pain can be resolved on your own. In other cases, you may need to see your dentist.

By understanding the causes of tooth pain, you can learn why your teeth are hurting and what you can do to correct the situation. Here are some common causes.

Decay (Cavities)

People of all ages are susceptible to dental pain, which is frequently caused by tooth decay and cavities. Cavities develop when oral bacteria that interact with carbohydrates in the mouth produce acid that erodes tooth enamel. Regular dental care and hygiene are essential in preventing this common dental problem since these cavities have the potential to expose the sensitive inner layers of the tooth, causing discomfort and agony.


Usually brought on by untreated cavities or dental trauma, tooth infections are a common cause of tooth discomfort. Bacteria can cause infection and inflammation when they enter the tooth’s inner pulp, which can be extremely painful. To relieve the discomfort and stop the infection from spreading, immediate dental care is necessary, such as extraction or root canal treatments.

Clenching Your Jaw

Do you clench your jaw in times of anger or tension? If so, your teeth may bear some of that stress, causing them to come loose over time.

Grinding Your Teeth

You may grind your teeth at night and not even realize it until your dentist asks you. Teeth grinding is typically caused by stress. Misalignment and missing teeth can also cause grinding. Get a custom fit night guard, made by your dentist, to help prevent cracked and chipped teeth.

Sinus Infection

A sinus infection and tooth pain in your back upper teeth are closely linked. If you have tooth pain and are feeling stuffy, you might have a sinus infection. See your doctor for proper treatment.


Pregnancy hormones can affect your teeth. You have a higher risk of gingivitis and cavities, so see your dentist more often to ensure your teeth are doing OK.

Heart Problems

If you do not have a sinus infection and are not pregnant, then you could be dealing with something more serious, like a heart attack. Discomfort in your shoulders, neck, jaw, or teeth could be a sign of heart problems. If you are also dealing with sweating, heart palpitations, chest pain, or shortness of breath, get to the ER right away.


Another serious health condition that can cause toothaches is cancer. Using tobacco products can cause oral cancer, which can cause white or red patches in the mouth as well as pain that does not go away.

Tooth Sensitivity

Your teeth may be hurting if they are becoming sensitive. This can happen if the enamel has worn out or if you have recently bleached your teeth. Eating cold or acidic foods or using mouthwash too much can also make your teeth sensitive.

Frequent Vomiting

Throwing up is unhealthy for your teeth. Stomach acid can get on your teeth and cause damage. This can lead to tooth pain. If you are vomiting a lot due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), bulimia, alcoholism, or morning sickness from pregnancy, take note and see your doctor to discuss treatment options.

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