Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Straight, healthy teeth

While most people want to have straight teeth for cosmetic reasons, straight teeth have benefits that extend past having a beautiful smile. Teeth that are straight and properly aligned can actually promote good overall oral health.

One of the first benefits is that your gums are generally healthier. This is because having straight teeth means having no crooked, crowded, or overlapping teeth. Gums that are red or swollen usually occur when teeth are crooked, crowded, or overlapping. In straight teeth, these problems don’t exist and the gums can fit more securely around the teeth, which helps them to protect themselves against periodontal disease.

In addition, your teeth will also be much healthier. Teeth stay clean when they are properly aligned since more surface area is exposed during brushing and flossing. Crowded teeth are especially difficult to floss, allowing for bacteria to build up that could cause tooth decay or periodontal disease. Not only do straighter teeth stay more clean, but they are also easier to brush and floss since they are all properly aligned.

Straight teeth also helps to prevent abnormal tooth wear and decreases the risk of tooth injury. Crowded teeth can cause certain teeth to jut out and rub on other teeth. This can cause a variety of problems such as inefficient chewing function, pain, loss of enamel, or tooth injury. Crowded teeth can decrease your ability to chew certain foods, which could lead to potential digestive issues. Also, the constant wear on certain teeth can make them more prone to cracking or breaking, especially if an accident were to occur.

This leads to next benefit of straight teeth, namely that they allow for lower dental expenses. Generally speaking, straight teeth cause less dental problems and require less maintenance. This means that your dental bills will be much lower. Straight teeth are stronger and less prone to breakage, cleaner and less susceptible to infection, and do not usually cause problems with your bite, meaning no loss of speech or chewing function.

Teeth that are properly aligned not only benefits oral health, but they benefit overall health as well. For starters, straight teeth can reduce both headaches and neck pain. Misaligned teeth place excess strain on the joints and muscles that support the teeth and jaw. This constant stress on the joint and surrounding muscles can cause headaches that radiate up and down the side of the face, as well as neck aches. Properly aligning the teeth will reduce this stress and alleviate symptoms.

Straight teeth also improves overall health by reducing the levels of bacteria in the mouth, preventing it from spreading and negatively affecting other areas of the body. Studies have shown that the bacteria responsible for oral infections can cause other health issues including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and pneumonia. Since straighter teeth mean cleaner teeth with less bacteria, it also means that straighter teeth reduce the likelihood of developing these other issues.

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