Dental Implant Surgery

Why consider dental implants?

People generally start thinking about surgical implants after an injury or as a result of advanced tooth decay. When teeth are extracted, it opens the door to jaw bone atrophy. Dental implants fill the void and fuse with the bone to provide structure for improved smiles. One tooth, or many, can be replaced through the implant process. If a patient wants their new teeth to look and feel completely natural, a visit to Dr. Colleen Bullard, their Ypsilanti Dentist, will show them how implants provide a permanent solution to help brighten smiles and restore confidence.

What types of implants are available?

Mini implants are used as anchors for dentures. Denture slippage is a problem because the gums continue to change after teeth are removed. Speech patterns are often affected, as are eating habits. Once dentures click into place on the mini-implants, they are held securely. Speech is restored and eating is no longer a chore. As long as oral health is decent and bone structure is sufficient to allow for the implant to fuse properly, implants can take dentures to the next level.

Single implants and bridge implants are natural looking permanent artificial teeth. They are made to match healthy teeth in color, size, and shape. Single implants and bridge implants do not need to be secured to nearby teeth. Oral care is made simple because implants stand alone. Space between teeth is maintained, which makes cleaning the hidden areas easier.

What can I expect during treatment?

The needs of the individual patient is carefully considered when deciding to proceed with surgical implants. First, the affected tooth root is fully removed so a biocompatible titanium rod can be screwed into the jaw bone. Biocompatible means the body will accept the implant as natural and bone will grow around the implant, slowly (2-6 months) making it part of the jaw bone structure. Once Dr. Bullard confirms fusion is sufficient, another post called an abutment is added. An impression is taken to be used for the making of a crown, which is then permanently fixed to the implant.

Comprehensive Dentistry works hard to provide individualized care based on patient needs. Normally, local anesthesia is enough during surgical implantation. Patients report pain levels comparable to getting a tooth pulled. Normally, over-the-counter pain medications are enough to ease the minor pain and swelling. Dr. Bullard will work with her patients to ensure their comfort throughout the process.

How do I make sure my implants last?

A bonus of surgical implant success is that it is permanent. Most implants will last a lifetime. Taking care of implants requires the same care as healthy natural teeth. Folks in Ypsilanti, MI should continue with their regular dental check-ups at Comprehensive Dentistry. Smiles will look healthy and natural for years as long as patients practice great oral hygiene. Brush, floss, and rinse to keep all teeth healthy and happy.

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